This summer I moved to LA!

I am so happy to be living in California again! My love affair with California started when I was very young and I came with my family from Pennsylvania for many trips to visit our cousins out here.

This love affair was honed over the years, and I finally moved to Berkeley in 2000. After just three years, however, Rome called to me and I set off to Italy from California. It has always held a place in my heart, though, and moving back here just feels right.

To make things even better, I love moving.

I love the possibility and the opportunity that come with a big move.

I love how it takes you out of your comfort zone and requires attention and openness.

In fact, when I was moving to Rome, I was told by an astrologer in London that the move was going to be very good for me because I wasn’t fluent in Italian – so I would have to be quiet and listen more!

Even when the language is the same, though, everything is new with a big move.

Simple daily things that you may have done without even thinking about now require serious thought.

It’s a great opportunity to slow down and allow for renewal and re-examination of everything – from simple things like where you buy your food and what you have in your house, to who you surround yourself with, and ultimately, how you want to live your life.

It reminds me of gardening – every year is a new opportunity, and I know that the thought and attention I put into preparing the soil, plotting it out, sowing the seeds, selecting the plants, weeding, etc. is rewarded exponentially with the bounty I receive.

Life’s like that, too.