“If we can see ourselves as slightly ridiculous, it is easier to meet the marvels of what the body might reveal – unburdening not only the asanas, but also ourselves.”

Diane Long has been helping me unravel the mysteries and magic of the body for 17 years. For most of the those 17 years she has been talking about writing a book about this work and her studies with Vanda… and here it is. Her timing is perfect.

This approach and it’s radically different nature can defy words, but this book, written by Diane and Sophy Hoare, is a beautiful guide and helpful tool for anyone interested in paying attention, seeking beauty, experiencing lightness and ease, and ultimately being friends with their body.

Looking forward to when I write my book about studying with Diane!

If you would like a copy, email Diane and she will send you one. The cost is $20 plus shipping. dianeglong@hotmail.com