I had spent many years pursuing excellence…now it was dedicated to freedom, and that was far more important. —Nina Simone

This time of year inevitably brings up the question – to make or not to make New Year’s resolutions?

It makes me think of a time several months back when, sitting around the dinner table with good friends and family, someone posed the question to us all “What’s one thing about yourself that you would really like to change?”

I had a hard time answering that, not because there aren’t things about myself that I would like to change, but because that is something I think about all the time, every day. I am always reflecting on how I could have better and more effectively acted in just about every situation. I don’t do this in an obsessive, negative, beat myself up way, but in a curious, loving, growth-oriented way, because I deeply care about how I am in relationship with myself and those around me, and I’m always interested in how it can be better, and freeing myself from old, limiting beliefs.

One-time, big questions, therefore, aren’t really relevant, because freedom from actions and beliefs based on limiting habits and prejudices requires daily (actually much more frequent than that!) questioning. It may sound laborious or even scary, but on the contrary, you grow to love not only yourself and the process, but the questions themselves (as Rilke advised us).

A practice that encourages this questioning, examining, curiosity and interest is an invaluable tool, and I am beyond grateful for this approach to yoga which does just that, and for being able to share it with others.

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