“I have been seeing Kay for almost a year now. I try to visit her once a week. Little back story about me: I have been living with back pain for about 12 years. I had my first herniated disc in my lower back by age 16, 2nd by 18, and 3rd by 23. I have been “diagnosed” with Degenerative Disc Disorder. Which means I never had an accident to cause this but it will continue to get worse little by little the rest of my life with no reason where I got it from. Up until January of this year I was on prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers that I did use everyday. When I started with Kay it took me a few sessions to understand this way of yoga. I absolutely 100% believe in this practice. Not only do I believe, I incorporate what she has taught me in my everyday life. It has tremendously changed how I do everything ( as little as sitting and standing all day) and I go home with little to no pain at the end of the night. I am proud to say that I now use no medication that the doctors have prescribed me and my back pain is pretty much gone! I couldn’t be more happy that Kay was brought to my path and that I gave it a chance after being so stubborn for all these years thinking that nothing will help me except medicine and surgery. My opinion is that it’s worth a shot. It will only help. And give it a few times for you to understand how it will open your mind to learn your own body.”

— Sammy D., Los Angeles, CA



“Taking classes with Kay will help you find the grounded root of your practice. Her playful style encourages self investigation and finding the balance between effort and relaxation in the body. I have been taking various yoga classes for over twenty years, and working with Kay gave my yoga practice a whole new aspect of rest and renewal that I hadn’t even known I was missing. Thank you Kay!”

– Abby H., Los Angeles, CA

“Kay has this amazing capacity to gently remind you that intuitive yoga is real and that everyone can experience this incredible sensation of creating space within your vertebrae by aiming towards the sky with your body and mind, while remaining firmly rooted into the earth. She does this thanks to her incessant patience in helping people to learn connecting their micro movements with their breath in a move similar to the Bolero of Ravel. I consider Kay as my mentor in my successful endeavor to recover and rehabilitate my body and soul from a tough chemo.”

– Pio W., Novaggio, Switzerland

“Kay’s expert teaching skills support me in finding my way back to harmony and balance not only in body, but, in heart, spirit, and energy as well. Her deep knowledge of yoga is warmly relational and healing on all levels. Kay is a gem! The self care that I continually expand in our sessions carries seamlessly into my yoga practice.”

– Susan M., Madison, WI