Kay Campitelli is inspired by the yoga of Vanda Scaravelli and the teachings of her mentor, Diane Long. Kay has been teaching group classes, private lessons, and workshops since 1997. She is based in Ojai, CA and Toffia, Italy.


Kay’s instruction is based on careful attention and intuition, and is a personalized, student-focused experience. This work cultivates a continually evolving understanding and awareness of the body, and helps us to let go of the idea of “doing” poses and accumulating information, and instead become very curious, interested, and respectful of our movement.


Through focused but playful exploration of the asanas and the breath, we discover where we hold tension, and how we can undo that tension, inviting a deeper connection that arises from the spine and is borne of lightness, freedom, and wholeness.


It is not a method, but a practice. The quality of attention must be continually refined, allowing us to notice our habits, and look to them as places where beautiful learning can take place, leading to a loving, surprising quality of movement.

“When you bring your full attention to what you are doing, every act can become an act of wholeness and beauty. It is meditation. You cannot forcibly still the mind and body – that is just “doing” something else to not notice yourself. One must slowly, with time and space, let go of the tensions of the body and the busyness of the mind. There is no linear approach to doing this. It requires the willingness to let go, again and again, and start over, again and again. One must accept the wholeness of oneself. No part of you can be left behind. Being still, being quiet, listening – these are some of the most active things we can do!”


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